Admission Regulations

International student admission regulations of Mongolian National University of Medical Sciences for undergraduate programs


1.1 This regulation has been developed in accordance to “Foreign Student Enrollment in Mongolian Higher Education Organizations” under  Order #113 by Minister of Education and Science in 2001 and shall be employed for all international students’ undergraduate admission at MNUMS.

1.2 Undergraduate admission for international students shall be organized once in an academic year.


2.1  A foreign/ an international applicant willing to study at MNUMS must have received secondary education equivalent to the Mongolian Education system and required standards.

2.2  A foreign/ an international applicant willing to study at MNUMS must have reached the age of 18, who has full responsibility for him/herself.

2.3  A foreign/ an international applicant willing to study at MNUMS must have a good command of the Mongolian language and copies of diplomas or certificates should be submitted at the time of application. Applicants who have not satisfied evidence for diploma or certificate should complete the Mongolian Language Preparation course at MNUMS (3-month, 6-month, 1-year training).

2.4  Applicants holding primary or secondary education certificate entirely taught in English, the program does not necessarily require the full command of Mongolian. Therefore applicants should provide internationally recognized English Proficiency Exam (IBT TOEFL, IELTS, etc.) valid scores.


3.1 MNUMS applicants must submit application entirely in English, through the official website. 

3.2 The applicants should be registered only between February 1 and April 1, per annum. 

3.3 Applications submitted beyond this period will not be considered for review. 

3.4 The applicants must fill out the application form on the website of MNUMS and are responsible to attach the following documents: − Passport-size photograph /must be taken within last 6 months/− Certified copies of diplomas from your previous studies, academic transcripts, and GPA /officially translated into English or Mongolian/− Official ID or passport /valid for more than 3 years/ to prove his or her citizenship − Official language certificates /valid for the last 2 years/ such as TOEFL and IELTS to show your language proficiency − 500-word essay related to the field you want to study 


4.1 Applicants who were selected on the basis of mutual agreement of the two countries’ government or cooperation with MNUMS are eligible to study for undergraduate programs with the recognized consent of MNUMS president. 

4.2 Applications will be reviewed and processed until May 1 of each academic year , followed by the placement exam on language proficiency who want to study in Mongolian. The exam will be organized online in joint with the Department of Foreign Languages.

4.3 Admissions Committee of MNUMS will request the enrollment permission from Ministry of Education, Culture, Science, and Sports, only for the applicants who met all requirements.   

4.4 MNUMS will send the acceptance letter through the e-mail or postal address of the applicants who gained permission from the Ministry of Education, Culture, Science, and Sports. In addition, the following information will be included:− What documents are required to get a visa in order to study in Mongolia − How to pay the tuition fee before the academic year begins− Brochure of MNUMS − Information related to the learning process− Dormitory Information  

4.5 The acceptance letter is valid for two consecutive years. 

4.6 Admissions Committee of MNUMS will send a notification of rejection within ten /10/ working days to the applicants who do not meet the requirements. 


5.1 The applicants who received the acceptance letter and obtained appropriate visa must be registered at the Mongolia Immigration Agency within five working days after entering Mongolia and will get the residence permit from the Mongolia Immigration Agency within twenty-one /21/ days. 

5.2 The applicants who received the acceptance letter can request support on visa application to study in Mongolia from the Division for International Relations and Cooperation of MNUMS.  

5.3 Successful applicants will cover the expenses related to the visa and residence permit. 

5.4 If a foreign/international student plans to go to his or her respective home country on vacation, they must give their written request approved by an appropriate chairperson and grade transcripts of the academic season or year to the Division for International Relations and Cooperation of MNUMS. The division will provide an official written consent that is required from the Mongolia Immigration Agency to get an exit permission / re-entry visa. 

5.5 If a foreign / international student overstays and violates exit permission / re-entry visa without any specific reason, further student visa is not allowed and it will become the ground to terminate the contract. 

5.6 A foreign/international student must notify the Division for International Relations and Cooperation of MNUMS about their residence permit expiration date 30 days before and must provide the documents that are needed to extend the residence permit. 


6.1. A foreign/international student who was successfully admitted should submit the following as original 14 days before the academic year begins. These include: − Original of Diploma (certificate) indicating the previous level of education, with academic transcripts or notarized English or Mongolian translation, Original of Mongolian or English language proficiency document − Copy of national ID, Foreign passport (valid for more than 3 years)− Tuition Fee Receipt (In USD, at the Bank of Mongolia rate for the same day) 6 photos for the visa (taken last 6 months) − Medical examination report / Sample on the related page / Registration Fee Receipt ($ 50, at the Bank of Mongolia rate of that day) 

6.2. Payment of the tuition fees determined in the Resolution of the Board of Directors of MNUMS and conditional payment amount in the Agreement of Cooperation with MNUMS will be paid by the foreign applicant. 

6.3. A foreign/international student who registered and fully paid the tuition fee will be enrolled by the order of the President of MNUMS and will be assigned to their classes. 

6.4. A foreign/international student who has received the official permission in person to study will sign a “contract for study” at MNUMS. 

6.5. A foreign/international student studying at Mongolian National University of Medical Sciences must have compulsory life, health and accident insurances. The fee is not included in the tuition fee. 


7.1. A foreign citizen who becomes a student of the MNUMS will study following the same rules and regulations as a Mongolian student. 

7.2. The MNUMS will have a unit for overseeing foreign/international students, which will work to ensure the implementation of the program and support foreign/international students. 

7.3. Branch schools, departments and offices are responsible for providing quality services in accordance with the rules, regulations, curricula, and programs of the MNUMS. 

7.4. Division for Educational Policy and Management, Division for International Relations and Cooperation, and the Branch Schools will receive and resolve student complaints, including the complaints related to teaching and other services. 

7.5. A foreign/international student bears all responsibility for any communication related to traveling to and from rural areas. 


8.1. Upon his or her request to be exempted or transferred to another school, the request will be granted by the order of President of MNUMS and a residency permit warranted by the Mongolian Immigration agency will be evoked. The costs incurred are to be covered by the student. 

8.2. Upon the request to be officially expelled or ending the contract, the student will be compensated the tuition balance. 

8.3. If the foreign student violates Mongolian law, MNUMS rules or regulations, he/she will be permanently dismissed from the university and the tuition balance will not be reimbursed. 


9.1. The first-year foreign/international student must sign the accommodation agreement in the dormitory and live in the allocated room. 

9.2. If student becomes a citizen of Mongolia, MNUMS will invalidate the status of an international student. The tuition fee for the following academic year will be set at the same rate as a citizen of Mongolia.