Health Insurance

Health insurance

Tiers in healthcare services

Healthcare services are divided into three tiers: primary, secondary, and tertiary.

  • Primary: At the primary level are family group practices (FGP), mainly found in the urban areas. These are groups of primary care physicians that provide primary healthcare services in Ulaanbaatar, province centers, and other cities.
  • Secondary: Rural areas tend to have more facilities that belong in the secondary level, which is made up of district hospitals. These health centers can be quite large and offer a wide range of services. However, district hospitals may not be able to offer complicated medical procedures.
  • Tertiary: At the tertiary level are the major hospitals and specialized facilities. These include centers for cancer, maternity care, psychiatric care, infectious diseases, and many more. These centers do offer a higher level of care.

For international students, it is needed to have accident and health insurance during your stay in Mongolia. If you have health insurance, you will have free emergency service, medical check-up and treatment and healthcare services and if necessary at specialized hospitals of Mongolia.

Percentage of Health Insurance premiums for 2020 (for foreigners)

A stateless person who is foreigners will pay health insurance on their own and is not included in tuition fee. You pay 8400 mnt per month for health insurance and 100800 mnt per year. You can get health care coverage by paying for health insurance.

These include:

  • Outpatient examination and control
  • Inpatient care and services
  • Diagnosis, treatment and examination
  • Day treatments and care
  • Palliative Care for cancer and other diseases
  • Traditional treatment
  • Rehabilitation and healthcare resort
  • Chemotherapy for cancer
  • Brachytherapy
  • Plurastic treatment before and after 37 weeks of pregnancy
  • Participate in preventive examinations and screenings based on age and health risks
  • High-cost aid and diagnostics
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